Shoutbox: [11:59] Hansolo: Same here. It stops running and sometimes I can't start the track for the whole day.

LSDB profiel: Zero12
Geslacht: Man

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SM-Recordz (StradeMentaly) || Resident on Radio (NL) every Thursday 22:00-23:00 (CET) #PlatinumImpact || bookings: Biografia Acoustic-Mirror (aM, Soulsynth, The Antemyst, Is-End) start his approach to electronic sound on '93/4 when he start to heard some musicassettes from italians clubs like Insomnia, Jaiss, Imperiale etc.. he was attracted from electronic and progressive musics played by guru djs like Mario Piu', Ricky Le Roy, Gabry Fasano, Paolo Kighine since he was 12-13 years old; he start to go at partyes over Italy and Switzerland, and on '97 he start to listen hardcore sound, most of all after his first Number One's hardcore warriors night on july 1997; on '99-'2000 with an homie start to produce some music for fun, and performing live act with bongos, pianola, vinyls and pc for fun with friends at homeparty; lately his brother Zerotwelve start to produce and listen house and techno music, and sometimes, influenced by his brother, hardcore and hard genres; SM-Recordz (StradeMentaly) is their free web-label; The Antemyst got actually more than 250 dj set over the web, he play usually hard genre like industrial hardcore, darkcore, hardtechno/schranz, drum & bass/darkstep, and also soft genre like minimal, techno and darkpsy/psytrance; actually he is resident dj on Gabber.FM radio station, with a weekly live show called Platinum Impact, which he play the best hard underground sound of the planet, mostly crossbreed, industrial, darkcore and hardcore; Platinum Impact is on air every thursday at 22:00 (CET); somehow special guest