Shoutbox: [07-05] ThaClown: wel een bootleg mash up dan toch

Which livesets and links are allowed?

We do not allow the following:

- Stream rips or radio recordings, unless it's a direct link to the original released material by the artist or organisation.

- Downloadable mirror links are not allowed. E.g. if an organisation uploads a liveset to Youtube/Soundcloud/Mixcloud, it's not allowed to rip it and share it via a file sharing site.

The following DJ's and organisations have forbidden LSDB to publish their livesets/mixes;

- ID&T

   - This includes events like Sensation, Black, Thunderdome (Radio), Tomorrowland, Trance Energy.

- DJ Korsakoff

Stichting BREIN does not allow:

- Tiƫsto's Club Life

- Above and Beyonds Group Therapy

- Radio 538 Dance Department