Shoutbox: [03-06] hardcorerepublic: Ik heb beide sets terug gezet forgotten90. Het is inderdaad jammer als er editors zijn die te snel conclusies trekken. Laat het ons vooral weten als het niet klopt  ;)
Josh-T -
Fuckin' Crump
I'll answer  :p

Total length: 24 h 46 min, 49 sec, My longest liveset is: Dana @ Qlimax June 2001, which is 1:26h long.

My personal best is: Thunderdome 1996 - The Prophet  :worship:  :beer:
chainsawabortion -
Get High.... Eat Condiments
The Longest set i have is Destination Bulgaria party 100 - 3hrs

total length: 1114 hours 38 min 31 sec

total livesets 1254

and fav mix is DJ para @ Kingdom of bass 2008/ DJ pavo qlimax 2003
davidoff -
The longest liveset I have is Sven Wittekind @ Kashmir Underground, somewhere in 2005. It's a blistering 185:43!  :D
And I had a Thunderdome Radio special liveshow which was over 8 hours, but I have no idea where that one's gone of to.

I don't have that much livesets since I deleted a lot and I lost a lot..  :-/

Can't really choose a favorite one, though Armageddon Project @ Shadowbox 2008 comes rather close. Same goes for Teknicity (Live) @ Chaos Theory 8 (Sparks B-Day Bash; 09-06-2007)!  :worship: