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Real Hardstyle Radio / 29/08 COTHS: goodbye RHR

Pithune -
Mass Vibrant

Convention of the Harder Style / Goodbye R.H.R.
Sunday 29th of august from 17.00 till 23.00

Xiphias & MC Doz presents the last C.O.T.H.S. liveshow on R.H.R. First we will thank Real Hardstyle Radio / Roy for all the support and giving the us space for creating this show! We will miss the station were C.O.T.H.S. was born. The last show on Real Hardstyle Radio….. will be a great show. Besides the regular stuff we normally do, we have a lot of DJ’s!! They all decided to come over for a proper goodbye…

“Talent Room” : All the DJ’s that are present are fully talents! We know that they do their best to give RHR a very nice goodbye! In the studio this Sunday we have the following DJ’s :

- Vantage Point
- Da Reactorz
- Dizzorder
- Duruz
- Pithune
- Xiphias
- D Vice
- Glenn E
- Insanity
- Paranoize
- MC Doz

Statements : 21-08-2010 Was Decibel, we will discuss this event with all the DJ’s who went there. Do you want to say something about Decibel? Just speak to us through our msn (GODL @ and we put you through in the show.

Gas Op Die Lollie : The ingredients are collected, now is it up to Xiphias to make it a good recipe . The ingredients will be hard and melodic like you already know… Yes we know, it’s already said….. ;-p

In this show we will tell where we going to! We hope that you will all tune in for this amazing show. Were live from 17.00 till 23.00 for the last time on this station…
Gewijzigd door Pithune op 27-08-2010 13:48
djdesudo -
Gearbox Owns The Night

Gonna miss RHR  :cry:
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
x2! let's make it a blasting night.. shame you arent there sunday phil!!
K-Cin -
Belgians do it better !
Too bad I can't get there  :(
Duruz -
 :) er komt ook nog een timetable aan toch, als het goed is?
Vogelhuisje [Moderator] -
Haat aan vocals
Ik snap hier geen zak van
Duruz -
On 27-08-2010 20:31:25, Vogelhuisje wrote:

Ik snap hier geen zak van

wat valt hier niet aan te begrijpen..
Duruz -
Jipdenk -
gebrekkig Engels
Canyonree -
On 27-08-2010 20:31:25, Vogelhuisje wrote:

Ik snap hier geen zak van

Wat is COTHS trouwens?
Gewijzigd door Canyonree op 29-08-2010 15:20
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
Lees de tekst eens...  :doh:
Duruz -

Duruz and Glenn-E


The DizZorder

Xiphias and Dizzy

Vantage Point

D-Vice and Duruz

Xiphias and MC Doz

Roy (RHR admin)




Nick (Da Reactorz), Tim (sponsor), friend of Paranoize
Nois3controll3r -
Where are the Videos?  :)
Nilles -
wat een sos koppen  _O-
Xerxes -
Everybody's favourite Belgian
Jezus... Onnodige aan knopjes zitten frunniken  :doh:  :')
boerenlater -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
On 08-09-2010 15:30:08, Nilles wrote:

wat een sos koppen  _O-

Waar zijn de foto's van de orgie die volgde  -_-
Duruz -
On 08-09-2010 15:01:11, Nois3controll3r wrote:

Where are the Videos?  :)

where are the videos? just watch this page one more time  :)