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Hardtrance & techtrance / DJ eXcel - Cocaine (Yoko's Flashback Remix) - forthcoming on Atomic Digital

Yoko -
DJ eXcel is going to release a 2012 package of new remixes of his classic 1994 UK Hardcore track "Cocaine", and this is my remix which will be included in the release on Atomic Digital Recordings next month! I've purposely kept it in the style of 90s retro Hardtrance sound, as a tribute to all the great tracks from that era, and my contribution to keep the 90s spirit alive today.

Check out a sample here:

If you like this retro 90s Hardtrance style, be sure to check out my "Flashback" mixes and other stuff here at LSDB:
or more of them at Mixcloud:
Yoko -
The release date for this package has now been pushed back to Summer 2012.

Sample of my remix and all the others is now available on DJ eXcel's Soundcloud page!