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General discussion / Participate in LSDB Tournament 2015?

hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
Biggest problem is always the person that needs to take the effort to run it. Last time it went sour with people giving up halfway in.
That said, I don't want to be a negative nancy as I love the idea of these tournaments and I'd be happy to judge or help out.
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
I actually would be interested in running the thing  :W

Not sure how many people are interested in such a tournament these days.
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Motorhead -
Previous was cool, but so many water gone since those times, general / main idea is cool, but who'd like to take entry on it... this is the question, don't think most pps who taked partipicate in previous version are now interested in such things... who cares... me not... just asking, and it needs a lot of free time, and also as far i remember there always was people who can't send and even made mix to selected deadline.
Personally i'm interested, so i voted YES on this.
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Vogelhuisje [Moderator] -
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Biggest problem last time were the judges not having enough time to rate all the sets properly.

Anyways, I'd participate but I wouldn't have time to be a judge, it's quite the workload
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
I'd probably enter, knowing me  :p MAAAAYBE as judge, but probably just enter as a participant  :p
Thermus -
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Hey if you ever need another judge, I listen to music for fun  :thumbsup:
Basscontrollerz -
On 30-01-2015 21:36:12, Maximumraver wrote:

I'd probably enter, knowing me  :p MAAAAYBE as judge, but probably just enter as a participant  :p

I agree with Dom, I will participate and might be a jury in other genres  :)
stiba -
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hehe again lol ................... i will join with some freestyle
ColinHQ -
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I'll be a judge again, I listen to music all day at work. I'd participate too.