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House & electro / Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Static Remix) [second edit]

dannytoplesdj -
Static (Danny Toples)
My second remix of this track. Ur opinion?
Motorhead -
Nothing can beat original...
dannytoplesdj -
It does not have the right to beat the original, it's just a example
Motorhead -
But honestly i don't hear any kind of remix, totally diff track as to me, diff melody used (not that original, so it's even hard to recognize what did we listen).
Looks like you don't even tried to create something that could remind bit original track or something else (as i said above), or make any cool lead for example with that original melody, could be awsum somewhere at 02:00 if u just used that orig synth).
Could be, could be, but.
dannytoplesdj -
Wow, disputes lecture.  :o
Everyone has an opinion on a topic and I respect your opinion. As discussed earlier, this is an specimen, I did this remix for fun. I tried to create a "dm5" project (unfortunately for minimum effort, because this is just an experiment). I would recommend to listen to my latest song "AtomWave" on this page - I had a little more time for producing.
annamarle -
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