Shoutbox: [09:41] D4rQW4v3: hey all .. guys would you remember old early hardstyle shuffle track if i remember it was something german and really long like Geschwinkhardstyle... the artist nam probably had Z in it... i cant find it  :D

General discussion / Who are your best djs?

helleye -
∞ infinity of possibilit
Madafukin Pat Vollmer  :yay:
sinenV -
Monoverse, Pavo, Adam X, Technoboy, The Prophet, Arctic Moon, and Mark Sherry.
Darksound -
1) INDUSTRIAL-CROSSBREED-UkHARDCORE: The Outside Agency, Deathmachine, Mindustries, Igneon System and Hellfish.

2) TERROR: Doctor Terror, Dissoactive, Tripped, The Destroyer and Noisekick.

3) SPEEDCORE: Devastation, The Mother Fucker, Kreislaufstörung, Suicide Rage and Noisekick.