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General discussion / Help with this song!

matthi10 -

I found an old music video i uploaded to youtube.

Now if anyone can help me with the title of this song, damn that would be awesome. It could be 2 different songs but these 2 minutes were so great live

kind regards
Gewijzigd door matthi10 op 18-12-2015 12:38
flacmaster03 -
I tried the usual song IDing methods (Shazam, Soundhound, tunatic) and unfortunately came up dry as to what the songs could be. I do love those two minutes though and was wondering if you or anyone else still had the full mix of that event (the portion in the video sounded like it was ripped from a longer set)? I looked at the flyer you put in the video and saw that there was a page for that event here on lsdb but the one Rapidshare link is understandably dead. If you could get me a copy of that full set played in your video, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance, matthi!
matthi10 -
Yes i have it
It is from a live set the oh some years ago
01_Dj Pedroh & Guest's Live @ The Oh! Gistel 24-12-2011 The Best of 2011 + Birthdayzz [By DR-Sounds][22u10]
flacmaster03 -
Hi Matthi,

Thanks for the reply. I went back to the page of that set you listed and it looks like there's still the dead Rapidshare link. This is the set I'm looking at (hopefully I have the right one):

Could you reupload the set and let me know when you have a download link ready? Those two minutes are absolutely intense, thanks again!
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