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General discussion / Please help find song from late 90's, early 00's

andriszz -
Hi! I'm searchin for the track from late 90's, early 00's (in that time i first heard it on radio).
The melody was similar to this track (B.O.N.Y.-The Hurricane starting from min. 3:20--, but that track melody was also with bells.
Gewijzigd door andriszz op 20-03-2016 13:56
andriszz -
Ahhhh, found it!

Pat Krimson - Kinky ((Magic Bells Mix)

Gewijzigd door andriszz op 06-07-2016 17:50
chesry -
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rosydam -
"Kinky (Magic Bells Mix)" features the signature upbeat and energetic style of dance music prevalent during that geometry dash era, characterized by its infectious melodies and driving beats. The "Magic Bells Mix" likely refers to a specific remix or version of the song that incorporates prominent bell-like sounds or melodies.
brs -
What is the song that plays when I go to this site?
alicentjenner -
Gewijzigd door alicentjenner op 03-08-2023 21:00
larryellison -
Pat Krimson - Kinky ((Magic Bells Mix) Inspiring positivity through the ages geometry dash bloodbath
joeywatt -
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joeywatt -
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ericpetersen -
What genre was the song - pop, rock, R&B, etc? Any distinctive instruments you recall? dino game
annastark -
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emmausa -
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joeywatt -
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netarose -
Millennium by Robbie Williams?

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otis -
To help you find the track you're looking for, you I Want Watermelon might consider providing more details such as the lyrics, any specific artist or DJ associated with the track, or any additional elements of the song.
dordleluka -
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ereycastories -
Alternatively, you might try searching on dedicated music platforms, lyrics websites, or forums where users discuss and identify songs.

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megarcia -
Explore charts from the late '90s, such as the Billboard charts. These charts can give you an idea of the popular songs during that time.

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immarycamp -

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kalyl -
ATB's classic track features a distinctive melody buckshot roulette online and was popular in the late '90s electronic music scene.