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Hardstyle / Hardstyle kick & samples

djwest -
Hi guys i am making an electronic music for a long time.
And recently have found cool hardstyle pack for my
music project :
what do u think?
alexvdh -
PM for old uploads
2008, on BJ's forum, a guy (Harder boy ) posted an awful jump track, with gross elements, shitty mastering,etc.. when ppl asked about the producing , He answered that he made it himself (dat i think i still have it on my hdd), he started to explain which vst's he was using etc, about tweaking and all the shitz',because he wanted to be proud of his work. that was the best forum thread i needed to read before grabbin' FL7
still happy that i discovered the hard dance world with papeh's like this

I think nothing about it, what do you feel about it?

btw this guy mades his own hats, ehe, "from the scratch" manne
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
What are the odds that you are involved with this pack...