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New/upcoming releases / A song that is 100 percent made up of all my sounds?

ProPodziemie -
I think that an interesting idea and experience will be to create a song consisting of only my original sounds created from the "default" sound of plugins, and personal recordings (clap, friend's vocal, etc.). It can get something interesting. Bass of course also my, leads, pads, kicks etc. Maybe the song will be cast today. :P
alexvdh -
PM for old uploads
that's how things have to be imo,
kinda strange how to be correct is a special thing now
btw opening dozen of threads to spread "your" music isn't the best way to build a fanbase -or at least people who'll listen- and you know it
go back to the studio Danny
ProPodziemie -
Quite modest arrangement (my current laptop could not stand the more complicated arrangements haha - you know a poor explanation: D) actually, the idea was to check if I was able to record something ... from "nothing". 100 % my sound. ^^
Generally, I rarely use samples unless it is a clap or an additional preset supplement from the plug.
ProPodziemie -
I already have my own ways and thoughts about what I will be doing now and what I will do in the future.  xD