Shoutbox: [17-08] ProPodziemie: See how lazy I am? I could sit down and learn how to create kicks initially and now prefer to hang around...  :slow:  :')  :D

House & electro / Projekt8 - Legends Of Strobe - youtube link plus free soundcloud track download and album.

ProPodziemie -
Hello LSDB folks. I want to present you my first song on my channel under the name 'Projekt8' 'on youtube from the free album that I shared yesterday. I strongly encourage all of you to enter and listen to and leave some evaluation or joining my group in the form of a subscription - for more music and curiosities. The song '' Legends Of Strobe '' is a calm and melodic arrangement referring to deadmau5 '' Strobe '', of course, 100 percent arranged by me from my own sounds and technical solutions. I invite you all warmly - in the description of the film, the soundcloud link with a free download option and a separate link with a free album. It will be nice to receive some honest reviews of people who have been passionate about electronics for years and also all those who just love this music… Cheers.