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Requests / TUNE ID: 200 bpm/breakbeats/frenchcore-Deathchant like beats/ reggae vocals 'progressive youth must strive-kill dem with positive vibes'

pointlesspoint -

I'm looking for a track i thought i heard on Youtube channel 'Breakcore Bunker' long time ago. Before i ask the guy, maybe someone over here knows it.
Tempo is around 200 bpm. There are some breakbeats going on on top of frenchcore/Deathchant like beats. Quite varied.
The recurring vocal samples 'progressive youth must strive/kill dem with positive vibes' are from the track Ghetto Youth Bust by Sluggy Ranks (around 7 seconds you can hear it the first time). The track is probably made after 2000?

I know there are 1 or 2 gabber/hardcore techno tracks with the same vocal sample, i forgot the titles, but i don't think it's one of them.

Thanks for reading. If you know the track, let me know please.

Gewijzigd door pointlesspoint op 19-10-2019 20:16