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Radio shows / DJ Inzane's 40 Years Birthday Bash

Inzane -
Turning 40 on Monday 23th December so will host 3 hour hardstyle show.
@ www.Di.FM/hardstyle
Time: 18.00-21.00 CET

Will be my last hardstyle vinyl set. After played vinyl 15 years it is time to move on to digital era.
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Inzane -

H.A.Z.A.R.D. - James Brown Is Dead 2002 (Gary D Deadly Hard Bass Mixx)
Hardside - Survive (Pincky Mix)
Harry Klein - My Style (Harry Style Mix)
Mindhacker - Audio Attack
Space Frog - Follow Me (Derb Mix)
D-Vided - The Way (A-Lusion Remix)
Hunter - Follow The Mc (Original Mix)
Hypersthenic - Overdrive (FJ Project Remix)
Pacific Link - Planetary Collapse (Original Mix)
A-Lusion - Future Shokk (Original Mix)
DJ Pavo & Blutonium Boy - Floorkilla (Pavo Mix)
Philippe Rochard Meets Nu-Pulse - The Survivors Of Hardstyle (Showtek Remix)
Mos Phat - Infectious
Shouthstylers aka Zany & Walt - E-Town
Jap - Vuck Until
Zany & Pavo - S.E.X. (Original Mix)
Alpha Bass - Don't Stop
Groucho Gang - Fuck You
Supaboyz - Chicago Airplane
Donkey Rollers . Immeasurably
T.A.T. - Track Addicated (Zatox Vrs)
Ultrasonic - There Is A Bassdrum (Rmx)
Gerardo Roschini - Drummachine (Zatox Mix)
Diz - Pussy's Artwork
T4t4nk4 - GTP (Original Tatanka Mix)
D. Sonar & JDJ - Y.R.M.L. (You Are My Life)
Brainkicker & Hardstatic - Atlantis Attack
Wild Motherfuckers - Fuck It Up (Tat & Zat Mix)
Headhunters - D-Tuned
Acti - Pass The Grass
A-Lusion Meets Mc Villain - Getting Hard
2 Best Enemies - Les Drums (Technoboy Remix)
T4T4nk4 - Let's Rock (Original Zanza Labs Mix)
Scope DJ - Protocol
Wildstylez - Missin'
Headhunterz - Forever As One
Pau DJ - Addicated To The Bass (Newstyle Mix)
A-Lusion - Perfect It (D-Vided First Mix)
Alphaverb Presents Gentalica - Thunderstyle (Original Mix)
Donkey Rollers - Thunderbeats (In Qontrol Re-Amp)
Hardstyle Mafia - Rockin Da Place (Bazz Implant Live Special Edit)
Intractable One - Play The Games (Original Mix)
Snowstorm - Snowstorm
A-Drive - Acting Like A Pro (Dragon Remix)
Nosferatu - Leave Me Alone In The Dark (Project 2010 Hardcore Anthem)
Tha Playah and MC Alee - Always Right (Hellsystem Remix)
Furyan - Bombshell
Amnesys - System Crash
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