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Feedback / HELP Needed with title

hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
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Hey I need some feedback about the name / station..

Are these the same event / station?
Which one is (most) correct?
Which one would you prefer?
Do we want one big group or multiple groups?
Do you have other suggestions?
alexvdh -
PM for old uploads
1 or 3 seems ok, but which one?..
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
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On 17-07-2020 15:25:43, alexvdh wrote:

1 or 3 seems ok, but which one?..

Option 3 is the oldest entry, which is featured on the homepage under 'shows'.

Currently i change all the sets i notice to this 3rd 'event title'.

Do people object to this? Did the station had a name change? What do people prefere who submit these sets?

thanks in advance!
FrancesNess -
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