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General discussion / Looking for a rare Kovert set list from back in the day

electroban -
Hi forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, I am looking for a rare (2005-2007) live set from the artist Kovert... I searched this site (as well as pretty much all of the internet, including messaging the guy himself but haven't heard back from him) and I couldn't find it anywhere!

All I know is, is that the mix starts with Kovert - Murderous Style. but then again it might not start like that, but it definitely has it.

I've completely forgotten about it but I used to have this Kovert mix a long with Enduser/Shitmat./Bong-ra which come from Motion Sickness vs Wrong Music (Which this site has). It may also be from the set at Brighton Ocean rooms.

Like I said, pretty random but if it hits a memory please help me out lol.

Also if anyone has a non zippy share for link for Kalbata's Sonar 2007 red bull music academy mix would be a dear mensch
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electroban -
i assume that guy is a bot right? cos none of that made any sense
-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
On 19-10-2021 23:29:50, electroban⋆ wrote:

i assume that guy is a bot right? cos none of that made any sense
I can’t help much with your OP but yes, it’s a bot, don’t click on any links.
TimTim [Moderator] -
Feeeeeddddd Meeeee
I'll delete the message, person is banned. Hope you find your liveset Electroban.  :)
kajipis⋆ -
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