Shoutbox: [14-05] Needlemouth: Hi guys, anyone know cassette mixes named Darkraver tales?

DJ-ing / Producing / Looking for DJs for podcasts

darklime.carnage -
Looking for HC and HC related DJs to make mixes for my podcats to be published on
if interested hit me with a PM, danke
raver070 -
You are the guy that threatened Explicit with a lawsuite, right?

Any updates about that?
And what about the visit to The Hague with your Russian friends?
darklime.carnage -
1) there was a copyright dispute issue, no threats, hardtunes just removed it since it was first published on my label
2) no idea what are you talking about I visited Holland twice more than 10 years ago and never Den Haag
darklime.carnage -
btw Bonehead, The Massacre– Splash The Blood (Boneplicit Lemix) from same release was also removed for simmilar reasons
darklime.carnage -
I was the first person to publish him ever
so that was plain rude of him to do that without asking me first