Shoutbox: [26-02] Swampthing: Does anyone know if there are big packs / collections of livesets from certain festivals somewhere? Some festivals have 100s of artist which makes it a big challenge to collect all the livesets individually.

General discussion / Special music challenge‚Äč

Emilytrantow -
fnf mods are customized versions of Friday Night Funkin', a popular music game. In this game, you will play the role of Boyfriend, a talented rap singer, and have to face different opponents in music competitions. Your goal is to press the keys in rhythm to make sounds that match the arrows that appear on the screen. You will have to be quick and precise, because if you press the wrong button or are late, you will lose points. You will have to complete each week within a certain amount of time and earn a certain number of points to move on to the next week. The game has simple but beautiful 2D graphics, vivid sound and easy gameplay.
jessepinkman -
Playing Friday Night Funkin' is a lot of fun. I can't get enough of the challenge of keeping up with the beat while competing against other people for hours on end. I like how the gaming Buckshot Roulette concepts are straightforward, making it simple to pick up and play while maintaining a fun level of complexity.