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General discussion / Dive into the Icy, Creamy World of Papa's Scooperia

Vennpaul⋆ -
papa's scooperia is the 14th game in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. This game was first announced on January 16, 2018. In the game, Carlo Romano and Koilee are workers, with them being the winners of the Papa’s Next Chefs 2017 competition. The plot takes place at Oniontown.
In the game, you will have to make cookies, scoop ice cream, and serve customers with different requests and upgrades. It’s important to manage time and performance to be the best Scooperia manager you can be!
Carlo Romano is a male customer who first appears in the game Papa’s Pizzeria. He is the male worker at Papa’s Scooperia. Carlo is originally from Portallini and is a mandolin player.
Koilee is a cheerful chef at Papa Louie’s famous restaurant, Papa’s Scooperia. She lives on a small, two-story houseboat floating on the water of Showa Pond. This large pond is surrounded by a picturesque forest on the outskirts of Sakura Bay. Koilee sees himself as the caretaker of Showa Pond with its series of koi fish sparkling just below the water’s surface.
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To move your snake, you use the mouse or touch controls, depending on your device. The slitherio follows the direction of your cursor or finger, and you can control its speed by holding down a button or double-tapping the screen. Speed boosts are useful for quick escapes or catching other snakes off guard, but they also make you slightly shorter as a trade-off.