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General discussion / What you should know about The Baby in Yellow!

isadoraabhaya⋆ -
In the baby in yellow is a unique and exciting horror game where you take on the role of a babysitter facing an unusual child. Here's a detailed review of this game:
Contents and Plot:
The game starts quite simply with the daily tasks of babysitting, like feeding, changing diapers, and putting babies to sleep. However, the weirdness began to emerge when the "child" began to behave differently. The more you play, the more you realize there's something really wrong with this kid. The plot is revealed through each chapter, and you will have to solve puzzles to discover the truth behind the mysterious events.
Graphics and Sound: The graphics in "The Baby in Yellow" are designed in an animated style but have a dark atmosphere, creating an interesting contrast. The sound of the game is also a bit careful, from the violent piano sound to the unexpected sounds that shock the player.
Gameplay: simple but challenging. You will have to interact with the environment to solve the tasks and deal with the "baby." The game uses fun physical elements, such as the fact that you can raise the baby with the ragdoll effect, creating funny but equally awful situations.
Summary: "The Baby in Yellow" is a unique experience for those who love horror but also want moments of relaxation. With a fascinating plot, quality graphics and sound, as well as simple but exciting gameplay, this game is sure to bring you hours of stressful but funny moments.
andreeoeen -
The visual design of fnf silly billy is both captivating and disturbing. The mirror realm is brought to life with stunning, surreal imagery that immerses players in its dream-like world. The characters and environments are beautifully animated, with a level of detail that adds depth and richness to the overall experience. The eerie lighting and visual effects enhance the unsettling atmosphere, making the mod a visual feast for players.