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HardTek & LehoS @ This is Hard Bitch


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Hello ! Everyone here HardTek, LehoS and this is our first set recorded together so we invite you to comment on and rated:)
If like it we will continue to recording:)

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HardTek Part:
01. Headhunterz - Psychedelic Sunshine (Edit)
02. Wasted Penguinz - Melancholia
03. Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Loose My Mind
04. Wildstylez - I See Stars
05. Coone ft Nikkita - Monstah
06. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Music Made Edit (Defqon 1 2009 Version)
07. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Robin Clark Bootleg)

LehoS Part:
08. TNT - TNT Blocked Me On FB (Heny's Dub Edit)
09. Kodex vs Amazed - Chasing Stars (Extended Version)
10. Toneshifterz - Da Phunk (Nitrouz Remix)
11. Tauski - Yhden Rakkauden Tähden (Hardstyle Mafia Remix)
12. The Pitcher - Smack (Feat. Mc Renegade)
13. Tatanka - Tokyo (Original Mix)
14. The Pitcher - Bangrindin (Noisecontrollers Remix)
15. Donkey Rollers - Followers (Noisecontrollers Remix)
16. Silver Nikan - Love and Hate (2011 Refix)

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shuffek -
Koszosut! Very nice!
BartyFire -
Resident Dj @ RHR.FM
Great Part Lehos ^^***
Lucato -
On 18-12-2011 16:18:56, BartyFire wrote:

Great Part Lehos ^^***

sveen_dj -
het is heel fijn minder goed lehos maar een plus voor bereidheid
Gewijzigd door sveen_dj op 18-12-2011 16:59
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
ONLY Dutch and English  :info:
LehoS -
It thanks very good cooperation too HardTek Nice part :*  :)
Gewijzigd door LehoS op 18-12-2011 16:55
HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
Hardtek plays hardstyle  :doh:
Lucato -
On 18-12-2011 16:55:09, HardT3K-Tic wrote:

Hardtek plays hardstyle  :doh:

HardstyleDJ plays Dubstep  _O-
Gewijzigd door Lucato op 18-12-2011 20:30
DJTheJoker -
I dont care what People say
this is gayshit
greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
Sorry but this set is overrated.. I just listened to it & I don't like it. The switches are not good enough, I don't know how to explain it, but the switches just gave me the feeling to click stop and to listen to something else..
Sorry guys  :-/
sveen_dj -
@up boś je ciul i tela.
DJTheJoker -
I dont care what People say
On 19-12-2011 22:38:04, sveen_dj wrote:

@up boś je ciul i tela.

only DUTCH & ENGLISH PLEASE  :info:  :info:  :info:  :rtfm:  :rtfm:  :rtfm:
HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
Gewijzigd door HardT3K-Tic op 31-05-2012 22:57
ParaBitch -
 :?  :?  :?  :?  :?  :?  :?  :?  :?