Shoutbox: [14:54] McBong: Well for festivals and events which are hardcore related its absolute shit, especially the south, but in the winter i'm on a mountain in the alps on skis within 3 hours  :p Anyway, thanks for your help, I'll check all the options  :thumbsup:

Alexxx Rave Machine vs. coopa @ Epidemik 16th Birthday

UK Happy Hardcore

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Alexxx Rave Machine vs Coopa @ Epidemik 11th Nov 2011

"The Dancekore room at Epidemik was a hive of activity from the get go with frenzied ravers hopping on and of the rave platforms and shouting "oi oi" at every oppertunity. This set of bangin upfront slammers from Alexxx Rave Machine and Coopa went down better than a bus full of playboy bunny girls at a Berlusconi bunga bunga party!... ...."