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Deathmachine @ Metalcast Vol. 9


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Lengte: 00:45:00
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1. HeDJ - Antidote
2. The Sect vs Machine Code - R World
3. Igneon System & Lowroller - Great Violence
4. Dub Elements - Pop Im (The Panacea VIP)
5. Katharsys - Mostly VIP
6. Switch Technique - Altered Youth
7. Dead Phantoms - Fucking Snail
8. Tymon - Never Look Back
9. Nanotek - Harpoon
10. DJ Hidden - Dying Star
11. Malicious - Space Between
12. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure - Undermind
13. Mindustries - The Drumming
14. Deathmachine - The Journey
15. Switch Technique - Methylated Dreams
16. Detest - Rise Up

skeez -
Sound Terrorist
magnificent [;

Gewijzigd door skeez op 14-01-2012 10:31
Dakpan -
No Hostages
Klein beetje standaard nummers erin, had graag meer eigen tracks gezien. The Journey is wel supervet.
Gewijzigd door Dakpan op 14-01-2012 13:02
LeD -
I dont like hows hes mixin it ; <
Gewijzigd door LeD op 14-01-2012 14:10
Sm0keythebandit -
It's backwards!
On 14-01-2012 14:10:00, LeD wrote:

I dont like hows hes mixin it ; <

That's just how stef mixes i personally approve of it but i seriously dislike the TL

Nekrofail Igneon & Lowroller track sounds like a pile of shit.. there's a loudass clipping in the snare that drops with the kick... click click click or that's how they produced it.. either way it's like Tormented VIP version 101041241214... GTFO.

Tymon - Never look back so out of place in this mix.

Detest - Rise up .. fucking ace track, yet so horribly out of place

djblacksun -
Fake Shit
quite good selection ,mixing at least to me isn't worst as sayed above here...
Personally getted some good feelings about this set ,but sounds kinda boring sometimes .
Deathmachine - The Journey ,good track.
Switch Technique - Methylated Dreams , frenchore with darkstep elements or ... ?
skeez -
Sound Terrorist
djblacksun - hybrid  ;)
djblacksun -
Fake Shit
On 14-01-2012 18:59:29, skeez wrote:

djblacksun - hybrid  ;)

what did you meant ?