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AK-Industry & Igneon System @ MuSick Domination Podcast 1


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AK-Industry & Igneon System introduce you to the MuSick Domination podcast for the Nekrolog1k Hybr1d Sc1ence Tour. This brand new podcast is full of new/unreleased shit ready to blast your ears!

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1. AK-­Industry - Nekromongers (Forbidden Society METALSTEP VIP)
2. UFO!KILLER ‐ Downfall
3. Brainpain - Metal Hammer
4. Forbidden Society & Future Signal - Hellbringers (Katharsys Remix)
5. Noizeskill - Wall of Death
6. eRRe & Hardlog1k - IT
7. Dub Elements - Never Give Up!
8. Antichristus & Suicidal Tools - Slave To The Cross
9. Triamer & Timecode ­‐ Execution Of Sentence
10. Limewax vs. Bong-Ra vs. Thrasher - Suck Satan's Cock
11. Counterstrike ft. KC -­ Extreme Mutilation VIP
12. Breakdown of Sanity - Story Of A Stranger
13. ID (AK-­Industry & Bryan Fury - ID)
14. AK-Industry & Igneon System - Evil Blood
15. Deathmachine - The Journey
16. Lowroller - Mixbreed Soldier (Igneon System Remix)
17. AK‐Industry & Billy S. - Monster
18. The Teknoist - Dead Unicorn
19. AK-Industry - The Dark Industry (Deathmachine remix)

MicroClown -
Gunz Up !
AK-Indusrty and Igneon System  :worship:  :bomb:
What a nice Podcast #1 i can't wait for #2 xd
Fucking sick drum & bass  :bomb:
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Evilness -
On 18-01-2012 20:57:31, MicroClown wrote:

AK-Indusrty and Igneon System  :worship:  :bomb:


ijskonijn -
Kort maar krachtig!  :D
MaGGieL -
AA is for quitters
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zippy toegevoegd