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Beat Destroyers @ Infect Yourself Hardstyle Podcast 001


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01.Lisboa-X - Falling
02.Azeon & Redvious - Digital To Analogue
03.Chaotic Spirit & Force Creator - New Member
04.Phrantic - Edge Of Extinction (Tartaros Remix)
05.Cricual Value - Mystery Of Life
06.Regain - Before Awake (Anti-Climax Mix)
07.Azeon & Redvious - Soundsource (Original Mix)
08.Phrantic - God Of Terror (Phuture Noize Remix)
09.Tartaros - They Come For You
10.Revolutionz - Darkness
11.Fistraiser - In The System
12.Roland Hyper - Devastator (X-Pander Edit)
13.Coarsection feat.Kona Black - Infected Yourself (Toxicator 2011 Poland Anthem)
14.Mic-E - Ground Forces
15.Tatanka -Doom's Day (The R3belz Remix)

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TimTim [Moderator] -
Feeeeeddddd Meeeee
12.Roland Hyper - Devastator (X-Pander Edit)

:no: Don't like it  :(, track sounds gay
Rest of the mix  :thumbsup:
Overbizz -
mudkipz -
ik ben een hondje, miauw
Azeon & Redvious - Digital To Analogue  :yes: