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Silvio Aquila @ Afdeling HD

Hardtrance   Trance

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This is the (recorded) liveset I did at Afdeling:HD the 28th of January in Escape / Amsterdam.

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01. Chemistry - We are one (club mix)
02. DJ Tiesto - Lethal Industry (Svenson & Gielen remix)
03. Mauro Picotto - New time, new place
04. Marco V - Godd (original mix)
05. Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation (DJ Gius remix)
06. Armani & Ghost - Airport (Essential DJ Team mix)
07. Public Domain - Operation Blade (original mix)
08. Reeloop - Fucking Society (Kaylab joins Chromedioxide remix)
09. 4 Strings - Turn It Around (DJ 4 Strings vocal mix)
10. System-F ft Armin Van Buuren - Exhale (Extended Mix)
11. Dark by Design - Blackout ((Yoji Biomehanika & Romeo Toscani remix)
12. Don Diablo - Acceleration (Svenson & Gielen remix)
13. Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space (club mix)
14. Barthezz - On the move (DuMonde remix)
15. Jurgen Vries - The Theme (JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Remix)
16. Gouryella - Ligaya (Walt remix)
17. Public Domain - Make the connection (vocal mix)
18. DuMonde - Cold (original mix)
19. Cosmic Gate - the Truth

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01. Chemistry - We are one (club mix)

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