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Omni Sequence @ Thursday of Sounds


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This is the recorded set of my show on Thursday of Sounds. My apologies for playing two tracks at two times.

If you want to hear more or listen to me the next time, check out those pages on Facebook:

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1. Headhunterz and Zatox ft. Nikkita - The Perfect Weapon [Scantraxx Recordz]
2. Zatox and The R3belz - Odissea 2011 [Italian Hardstyle]
3. Atmozfears - World of Presets [Scantraxx Recordz]
4. Gunz for Hire - The Cycle [A2 Records]
5. Sasha F - New System [TILLT! Records]
6. Pulzers - Nothing is Real [Invaders Records]
7. The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Bitcrusher (Chris One Remix) [TILLT! Records]
8. Atmozfears - Rip the Jacker [Scantraxx Recordz]
9. Da Tweekaz - Nothingness [Dirty Workz]
10. Frequencerz and In-Phase - Fight for Survival [Fusion Records]
11. Gunz for Hire - Kings of the Underground [A2 Records]
12. Waverider and Audiofreq - TMU [Gold Records]
13. Zatox - The Noisemaker (Code Black Remix) [Wicked Records]
14. Code Black - Red Planet [Fusion Records]
15. Luna and E-Force - Dark Emotions [Minus is More]
16. Frequencerz and In-Phase - Fight for Survival [Fusion Records]
17. Atmozfears - World of Presets [Scantraxx Recordz]
18. Wasted Penguinz - Within [Scantraxx Recordz]