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Raum 107 @ Dark Industry Podcast XI "Dharma-Rama"

Darkcore   Ambient   Other

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Dark Industry is a concept, which originated from the "Ben Harder Show". The Relic played a mix of many dark styles, without rules or limits. The concept of Dark Industry and the dark styles that go with it have absolutely no script, meaning the artist is free to do what they want.

No Limits, No Boxes, No Compromises...

The mix of many styles is a journey where new music can be explored. Key words are: Emotion, Darkness, Raw, Epic, Noise, Experience....

The previous episodes marked themself by a mix of Dark Ambient, Industrial, Acid, Soundcapes, IDM, D&B, Ambient, Industrial Hardcore, Crossbreed, Darkstep, Noise and more...

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  Intro: Raum 107 - Dharma-Rama
1. Strom Und Klang - One Plus One
2. Brachial Palsy - 3 Icons
3. Strom Und Klang - Der Zivilisation
4. Brachial Palsy - Insanity Nerv
5. Sigillum S - Substrated Skinning
6. Navicon Torture Technologies - Heresiarch
7. Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti Remix)
8. André Walter - Malphas
9. Utamoh Thumo - Jai Servii Seisma
10. Struchni - Intimidation
11. ▲NGST - ▲NGST IV
12. Maschinenzimmer 412 - Still...
13. Raum 107 - Your World Means Nothing To Us... (Outro)
14. Raum 107 - Schlafe Wach (Intro)
15. Eric Blade - Temple Of Eternal Nights (Raum 107 Dark Star Remix)
16. Dr. Strange - The Damned
17. Stan Grewzell - Ohnmacht
18. Marc Acardipane - Remember The Phuture
19. Moleculez - Rise Of The Dead
20. Der Gerät - Starts Now
21. ▲NGST - Untitled
22. Nordcore G.M.B.H. - Paranoia
23. The Outside Agency - Sithspawn (Petrochemical Remix)
24. The TerrorFloweR - Человеческая Алчность
25. DJ Stahlin - Tour De Core
26. The Horrorist - The Voice Of The Butcher
27. Laibach - 2525

PatrickG88 [Set Editor] -
[Tʜᴇ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Bᴏx]
(IDM changed for DARK)

 :worship: Excellentissime Set  :worship:

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Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
Fucking hell  :worship:
ijskonijn -
Behoorlijk wat doomcore in de tracklist, ziet er goed uit
greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
Listening after my spagettis  :yum:
taichi -
i'm pleasantly surprised.. very very nice!!  :thumbsup: