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Frame of Mind @ Harder & Louder Show 1

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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March, 19 we’re starting our own radioshow on the most popular russian online radio

From now, every monday we will present our podcasts, guest mixes and specials livesets to support the hardcore / crossbreed culture!

First guests will be our good friends FRAME OF MIND (The Third Movement NL) with the special hardcore / industrial mix!

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01. Rude Awakening – XYTTM (Never Surrender)
02. Matt Green – Self Control
03. Broken Rules – Bunker Action
04. N-Vitral – The End of the World
05. Frame of Mind – Hold On Me
06. Negative A – Loops & Drinks
07. Mindustries – Crafties Trick
08. Tymon – Psycho Killer
09. Carnage & Cluster – Wall Of Sound
10. Frame of Mind – The Sannikov’s Land
11. Frame Of Mind – Lomanina
12. N-Vitral – Kling Klong
13. Hardlogik & Erre – Everybody Dance Now
14. Dither – They Deserve It
15. AK-Industry & 1gneon System – Ev1l Blood
16. E-Noid – Rage
17. Frame Of Mind – Ball In A Bull’s Eye
18. Negative A vs. J-Roon and Kosmix – Trash Talk
19. How Hard & J RoOt – Listen! (Dither Remix)
20. Igneon System – Do it for the Haterz
21. Detest – Wrong Turn
22. Chosen Few – Name of the DJ (Headbanger remix)

ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
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Matt Green – Self Control  8-)
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Praevus -
Nom... good... nom nom... sjit.. nom...nom...nom... You guys are getting better and better  :thumbsup2:
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
On 20-03-2012 17:22:53, Praevus wrote:

Nom... good... nom nom... sjit.. nom...nom...nom... You guys are getting better and better  :thumbsup2:

Agreed  :D
Frame.of.Mind -
thanks guys!  :)
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
No, thank you Frame of mind!
Tottish -
Mother fucking YEAH!!! ^^
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On 20-03-2012 18:38:49, Nielos wrote:

No, thank you Frame of mind!

+1  :worship:
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Frame of Mind  :thumbsup2:

 :worship: 11. Frame Of Mind – Lomanina  :worship:

and again no jessica alba  :(
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Frame.of.Mind -
what a reaction!!  :))
unexpected haha thanks again!!  :)
mudkipz -
ik ben een hondje, miauw
If you dudes want to hang out some time in Amsterdam you are more than welcome in my crib! awesome set again!
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 :bomb:  :yay: