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Desudo @ Gearbox Fear.FM Hard Stream


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01. Lee Mac - NanoTech (Kujin Fu Remix)
02. Danny V. - Sick Games [PROMO]
03. David Rust - Paradox (Audiowarp Remmix) [PROMO]
04. DJ Husband - When We're Apart (Thilo & Evanti Remix)
05. Bangerz & Masherz - Infected [Gearbox Digital] [PROMO]
06. Louk - Zulu Warrior
07. Dermot Bateman - Flashbacks [Gearbox Digital] [PROMO]
08. Mallorca Lee - Kiss IT Better (Mac & Taylor Remix)
09. Louk - Signal Loss [PROMO]
10. David Rust - Reversion (DJ Husband Remix) [Gearbox Digital] [PROMO]
11. Busho - Freak (DJ Husband Remix)
12. Danny V. - Inspirations
13. Busho - Time (DJ Thera HArdtrance Remix)
14. Chris Dynasty - Defending The Colours

chrisdynasty -
Can not remember giving you that track although i probably did? Sneaky desudo :P
Danny_V -
Tech wykurwiacz
Thanks for support!
djdesudo -
Gearbox Owns The Night
On 06-04-2012 02:09:45, chrisdynasty wrote:

Can not remember giving you that track although i probably did? Sneaky desudo :P

 :D Cheeky Dynasty  :p You sent it to me almost a year ago. I asked if you had a clip of it anywhere so I could hear it properly and you sent me the full version, then I used it at the tiesto gig I was playing at the weekend after.  xD Played it loads of times  8-)

On 06-04-2012 09:35:59, Danny_V wrote:

Thanks for support!

No problem Daniel. Keep making superb tracks I'll keep playing them. Love Sick Game. True testament to your production skills  :thumbsup2:
alberlineo -
great set  :)