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Lowroller @ Therapy Sessions Promo Mix

Crossbreed   Drum & Bass   Industrial Hardcore

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Lowroller made a promo mix before his show on premiere of Therapy Sessions in Prague! (20.04.2012) Enjoy!

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01. Limewax & Panacea - Operation ViagraXXX & Gay Pads
02. Noizeskill - Genocide
03. Peter Kurten - Drill
04. Air J - No Mercy
05. I:Gor - Too Hot (Lowroller Remix)
06. N3AR - Nekromutant
07. Lenny Dee - Fucking Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix)
08. Stormtrooper & EBE Company - The Living Future (Lowroller Remix)
09. Cooh - Frogger
10. Negative A & Counterfeit - Beast Wars
11. Dub Elements - Black Ninja
12. Lowroller ft. Komprex - Raise Of The Abyss VIP
13. ID
14. Temper Tantrum - The Underground (Tymon Remix)
15. Evol Intent & Eye-D - Time War
16. Hellsystem & Tieum - Time To Prove
17. The Sickest Squad - Burn Your face (Lowroller Remix)

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