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The Relic @ Dark Industry Podcast XVI "Survival"

Industrial   Ambient   Intelligent Dance Music

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Dark Industry is a concept, which originated from the "Ben Harder Show". The Relic played a mix of many dark styles, without rules or limits. The concept of Dark Industry and the dark styles that go with it have absolutely no script, meaning the artist is free to do what they want.

No Limits, No Boxes, No Compromises...

The mix of many styles is a journey where new music can be explored. Key words are: Emotion, Darkness, Raw, Epic, Noise, Experience....

The previous episodes marked themself by a mix of Dark Ambient, Industrial, Acid, Soundcapes, IDM, D&B, Ambient, Industrial Hardcore, Crossbreed, Darkstep, Noise and more...

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1. Fifth Era - Untitled (▲NGST Remix)
2. Mute. - Untill The Darkness Sparkles
3. Converter - Stone Wind
4. Prometheus Burning - Mimetic Drift 7
5. Exocet - Drugs & Balance
6. Tosca - Fucked Up (Intro)
7. Thomas Koner - Nuuk (Day)
8. Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx)
9. Babylon Disco - Manwise
10. Skelic - Hyvää Yötä
11. Beats Antique - Siren Song
12. Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim - I Am A Cannibal
13. Mindustries - Flash Flood
14. Rude Awakening - Memory Loss
15. Sei2ure - Bubbles
16. Roel Funcken - Lajor Mazer
17. Richard.Devine - Model
18. Asche & Spencer - You Can't Help Them All
19. Legowelt - The Building Block of Life
20. Terra Selvaggia - Terra Selvaggia
21. Spika - Tespre
22. Hans Zimmer - We Built Our Own World
23. Tunnel - Serial Woma
24. The Firm - French Pussy Revenger
25. Synapscape - Snapcase
26. Exocet - Saint Terrorism Das Bunker Vor Dem Tore
27. Final Dream - Soul Poison
28. The Outside Agency - The Spooks
29. Queaver - You Can Have It!
30. Hecq - Bête Noire
31. 100 Blumen - Techno Blume (Yuki Lend Remix)
32. ASC - The Depths
33. Z999 - Fractalized Candyflipping
34. Skinny Puppy - Epilogue
35. Autechre - VLetrmx21
36. Bombardier - Unchosen

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