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Warchetype & Mental Wreckage @ Nekrolog1k Podcast 08

Industrial Hardcore   Crossbreed

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Warchetype and Mental Wreckage are the main aliases of Lody Koehorst, a DJ and Producer located in the east of The Netherlands, mainly active with Industrial Hardcore Techno. He is also 50% of Dual Mechanism, a side-project with The Relic.

Throughout the years, Lody built up credibility as a producer with several solo releases, remixes for artists like Meccano Twins, The Relic and Neophyte, and collaboration projects with Moleculez, Syndemic and The Relic. He was also one of the founders and labelmanagers of Symp.tom, a recordlabel that focused mainly on Industrial Hardcore Techno and gained a great deal of appreciation and DJ-support from the darker regions of the Hardcore Techno scene.

Alongside music production, he also gained a solid reputation as a DJ, having performed on many events and festivals. Highlights include Defqon.1, A Nightmare Outdoor, Ground Zero, Mystery Land, Hardshock, Nature One, Enzyme Incubation, Earthquake, Masters of Hardcore, Hellraiser and Decibel.

When Symp.tom came to an abrupt end in 2011, Lody ended a chapter as well and decided to make a brand new start with his new alias Warchetype, focusing on other labels and a wider variety of styles.

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1. The Relic - Where We Go In Our Mind
2. Igneon System - Fuck God (Mindustries Remix)
3. The Relic - Industry Decay (Brutal Makeover by Mental Wreckage)
4. Skim - The Border Between Light And Dark
5. Dual Mechanism - Broken Symmetry
6. Air J & Nagato - Angels of God (ft. Circular Discharge)
7. The Outside Agency - Headphone Wisdom
8. Switch Technique - The Self
9. Deathmachine - Dark Energy
10. Lowroller - Living Transitions
11. The Outside Agency & Counterstrike - My Friends
12. N3AR - Dominate
13. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure - Undermind
14. Switch Technique - Altered Youth
15. Lowroller - Mixbreed Soldier Revisited
16. The Outside Agency & Current Value - They Are Human
17. Switch Technique - Methylated Dreams
18. Petrochemical - There is no wrong
19. The Outside Agency - The Price Is Right
20. Sarin Assault & Fiend - Devil On Earth (Lost Deadline Remix by Mental Wreckage)
21. AK-Industry - The Dark Industry (Deathmachine remix)
22. Stormtrooper - Condemned To Darkness

Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
Looks excellent  :thumbsup2:
PatrickG88 [Set Editor] -
[Tʜᴇ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Bᴏx]
Just IHC (with D&B! ..but not IND)  :thumbsup:
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
On 23-05-2012 18:50:40, PatrickG88 wrote:

Just IHC (with D&B! ..but not IND)  :thumbsup:

Audioholic -
Nice mix!
LodyK -
Niks mis mee.
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
On 24-05-2012 20:36:57, LodyK wrote:

Niks mis mee.

Eigen setje plussen is min  :p
Sidewalk_Crusader -
On 24-05-2012 20:36:57, LodyK wrote:
Niks mis mee.

Gast, waarom geef jij je voor Lody uit?  :-/
Gewijzigd door Sidewalk_Crusader op 24-05-2012 21:02
Baseliner -
Meesterlijk  :yay:  :thumbsup2:  :worship:
DJTheJoker -
I dont care what People say
On 24-05-2012 21:00:45, Sidewalk_Crusader wrote:


Gast, waarom geef jij je voor Lody uit?  :-/

cause he is een DOMME JONGE!
PatrickG88 [Set Editor] -
[Tʜᴇ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Bᴏx]
SC links added!
McBong [Set Editor] -
Re-upload please?  :cry:
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
On 27-01-2015 22:13:10, McBong wrote:

Re-upload please?  :cry:

New link added
McBong [Set Editor] -
Thanks a lot  :thumbsup2: