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BURM ! @ EURO 2012 Warm-Up


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My Warm-Up for the UEFA EURO 2012 ;-)

Gestemd door: hBurm Psychocore Krank-Im-Kopf Style-exX Owen [deleted user] MrIvex Bone82 p-nIce mrs.sippi Gabba-Cinne Dnl-1 MicroClown KaadenHH Claire-CORE
Favoriet van: Mennix Gabba-Cinne


01. KopyKhat - Starte das verdammte SPIEL !
02. The Sickest Squad & Frazzbass - Super Mario
03. Madkore - Better DJ is tha Bass
04. Medical Fluid Project - A Gunshot On The Thumb
05. Mutante - Fracasse
06. Dr. Peacock - Gaelforce
07. Dr. Peacock - Space Garden (OriginalMix)
08. Dr. Peacock - A Trip to Bulgaria
09. Carles S - Lucy
10. Mr. Ivex - Paper Croissantz (OriginalMix)
11. Collapz - Shabadoo Shabadi
12. HardBeats - Te alla Menta
13. The DesastaMasta - Virus
14. Le Demonist - Roll the Drums
15. Mikrotek - Methedrin
16. Audiofreak - Tense Bells
17. Fatality - Ruthless
18. Dr. Mathlovsky - Big Booty LSD
19. Detest - Monster
20. CSR Superstars wishing a good Night
(Mutante - Shots)

Psychocore -
Like your style :P
Krank-Im-Kopf -
Well done!!  :)
Owen -
yeahr Man  :yay:  :thumbsup2:  :yay:
VerCouter -
Is kaas met een e?
Wat een ziek goeie set! die overgangen zijn gewoon perfect man! je hoort de nummers gewoon niet overgaan in elkaar! klassee!!!
hBurm -
drink Fanta ! be Bamboocha
Thanks a lot to all of you  :thumbsup:
it's just my first real frenchy Setje ... but I keep going  =D
MrIvex -
Cool! Thanks for using my track  :beer:
hBurm -
drink Fanta ! be Bamboocha
Thanks man  :thumbsup:
but i have to thank you that i could play your track  :thumbsup2:
and man ... your track ...  :L
djalkaida13 -
koko koko euro cool  :D  :thumbsup2:  :D
Mennix -
Nou Nou Nou Nou Nou  o_O
mrs.sippi -
da Wurst
Gabba-Cinne -
i could hear it all day long  :L  :yay:
hBurm -
drink Fanta ! be Bamboocha
Thanks a lot @ all for the nice comments  :beer:  :yay: