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Gizmo & Derb @ Decibel Outdoor 2011

Hardtrance   Early Hardstyle

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Lengte: 01:31:31

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Gestemd door: Atomix Opperhoofd ColinHQ steviedoyle Knomo Er_MuReNa

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1. ID (ID)
2. Hardstyle Masterz - Age of Reverse Bass (K-Traxx Mix)
3. The Beholder & Balistic - Decibel Anthem 2002 (Max Enforcer Remix)
4. DJ Isaac - Nobody Likes The Records That You Play
5. Public Domain - Rock Da Funky Beats
  Derb (29 mins in)
6. ID (ID)
7. Derb - Coole Sau (DJ Isaac Remix)
8. Yakooza - Cocaine (Derb Remix)
9. Thomas Rubin - Cold Night (DJ Scot Project Remix)
10. Arome - Hands Up! (DJ Scot Project Remix)
11. Mirko Milano - Stopp & Go
12. ID (ID)
13. Kenji Ogura ft. Melanie Di Tria - Kreissäge Typ A (Tracid Mix)
14. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius Remix)
15. Space Frog ft. The Grim Reaper - (X-Ray) Follow Me 2002 (Derb Remix)
16. Speedy J - Pullover
17. ID (VA - Schall my Derb)
18. Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid (Derb Remix)
19. Derb - In Africa

Opperhoofd -
No downloadlink is allowed?
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
Would probably add a hard trance tag to this too
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
DjPractice -
seems like B2S have slapped bits of two sets together in one

this appears to have 30 mins of Gizmo at the start before Derb


Hardstyle Masterz - Age of Reverse Bass (K-Traxx remix)
The Beholder & Balistic - Decibel Anthem 2002 (Max Enforcer remix)
Isaac - Nobody Likes the Records..
Public Domain - Rock the Funky Beats

DERB Decibel Outdoor 2011 (29 mins in)

Derb - Coole Sau (DJ Isaac remix)
Yakooza - Cocaine (Derb remix)
Thomas Rubin - Cold Night (Scot Project remix)
Arome - Hands up (Scot Project remix)
Mirko Milano - Stopp and Go
Kenji Ogura & Melanie Di Tria - Kreissage Typ A (Tracid mix)
Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation (DJ Gius remix)
Space Frog - Follow Me (Derb remix)
Speedy J - Pullover
Va - Schall my Derb
Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid (Derb remix)
Derb - In Africa