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Hyrule War @ Nocturnal Festival Warm Up Mix

Frenchcore   Early Hardcore   Early Terror

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Next saturday it is time for the first frenchcore and early festival in the world. To warm up for this promising event we decided to make an unofficial warm up mix. The mix starts off with some older frenchcore (~2002-2007) and slowly builds up to recent stuff. After some french tunes we go back in time with the old stuff, finishing on a devastating 270 BPM early terror.

Enjoy this mix and have fun on Nocturnal!
Comments, suggestions, etc. are appreciated!



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00. Nocturnal intro
01. Maissouille - Nevrose
02. Androgyn Network - Dead Sally
03. Radium - Renegade Return
04. Deadface - Chain Of Spirits
05. Toumoux - Hypertoxic World
06. D-Tox - Son Of A Bassdrum
07. Sirio - I Want To Die
08. Dr. Peacock & Marcus Decks - Game Over
09. Hungry Beats - Furious Ride
10. D.O.M. - D-Omen
11. Dam (Son Actif) - Call It Frenchstep

Early hardcore / Early terror:

12. The Twins Artcore - The Lost Tribe
13. Chosen Few - Tranceparant (Painbringer Remix)
14. Nosferatu - Artcore DNA
15. Tellurian - The Sound Of The Underground
16. Da Predator - Now 'Ear Diz
17. Hellfish - Techno City
18. Delta 9 - Atomizer
19. Ingler - Future Is Dead
20. Noize Generator - My Hell
21. U.V.C. - Half Dead
22. Geoff Da Chef - Lost
23. DJ Tron - Demon