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Coarsection @ Gearbox Fear.Fm Harder Stream Week 41


Toegevoegd door: mazzanotti @

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Lengte: 01:01:12

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01. Heny - Digital Age Mashup MK1
02. Alphaverb - Over And Over
03. Acti & Zot - Wow Wow
04. Zany - Frequency (Jack Of Sound Remix)
05. Zany & Nitrouz - Lonely Dark
06. Coarsection ft. Mystika - All Over
07. Thera - Disturbia (The R3belz Remix)
08. Prefix & Density - Locked Up
09. Prefix & Density vs. Phuturez Noize - Outrageous Warning
10. B-Front - Virus (Coarsection vs. Zombies Mashup)
11. Illegal Chemistry - Just Like Evil (Coarsection Remix)
12. Zatox & Tatanka - Low-Kickin' Ignashov Ass (Coarsection Mixmash)
13. Zatox - I Hate You (Doctor Dave Anticlimax Edit)
14. Coarsection & Regain ft. Kona Black - The Cube
15. Coarsection ft. Kona Black - Tick Tick
16. Coarsection - Perfect Simulation (Anti Mix)

Stokbrood -
Authentic DJ
No new Coarsection tracks?  :(
Lucato -
No because this : Gearbox Fear.Fm Harder Stream

is this:
serezka -
then sense to post this one, if older is the same as first. As second, older one (Stephanie Presents) is released with better quality than this one... as third actually it's duplicate and should be deleted  :?  :doh:
Gewijzigd door serezka op 08-08-2012 18:08
Lucato -
i have mindfuck sorry  xD
mazzanotti -
On 08-08-2012 17:51:03, Lucato wrote:

i have mindfuck sorry  xD

Hey Lucato, thanks for your Big "Help".

You had been a guest on gearbox so you should try to don't make any comments that aren't good for a space where yourself have received a good promotion. And if Coarsection sent me a old set was because DJ Pila who was their guest on the new episode of Hard Wpierdol let him down with his part in the last minute and he didn't time for record a new one. Not a big deal, but really, this was not a nice thing from you.  :-/