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Maximumraver @ De Thuisbar 55 (Ravers Tribute To Enzyme Records Part 3)(Fear.FM)


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This is the recording of my 1 hour weekly Hardcore show on Fear.FM  :) This is part 3 of my tribute to Enzyme Records, covering the years 2003-2005, with tracks I like from that label. Also, because Enzyme and their sublabels have A LOT of cool tracks, there will be many parts to this tribute  :)!

A short explanation before people start shouting "Why is track X not in here?"  ;)
It's probably because:
A. I don't like it enough.
B. I don't have it.
C. I didn't feel it fit in the mix good enough.

Wanna listen? (18.00-19.00 every Saturday)

Comments, Feedback, Ratings appreciated  :)

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1. Weapon X - Facing The Gates Of Oblivion
2. Endymion - Emotional Relapse
3. Project Omeaga - Miss Parkinson
4. Ophidian - Mako
5. Ophidian - Lynched
6. Endymion - Voices Of The Death
7. Endymion - Failure (DJ Nosferatu Remix)
8. Endymion - Art Of Time
9. Meagashira - We Are Outsiders
10. Endymion - Anger
11. Ophidian - Angel
12. Ophidian - The Middle Children
13. Endymion - Payback
14. Weapon X - Get the fuck out my way
15. DJ Nosferatu - Have It Your Way
16. Endymion - Rock the Part-E
17. Weapon X - Hate Me
18. Mindustries - Throes Of Rejection (Nosferatu & Endymion Remix)
19. Mindustries - Facerocker (The Immobilizers VIP)

DJFraNkyS -
I love this lable!
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
Me too!  :D
JNKz -
hardcore 4 life!
you are crazy man, Jannses ;d
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
That is correct  :D!