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Dark-Lite & DMR @ Twisted's Darkside Podcast 091


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Bestandstype: 192 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:48:49

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"Recorded at Ibiza Goes Hard Monday Boat Party - 20-08-2012"

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1. The Rhino - Eyes Of A Psychopath
2. Destructive Tendencies - Smack My Pitch Up
3. Javi Boss - Bloody Hand
4. Juanma - Living Changes
5. Destructive Tendencies - Taken From Me
6. Insane Project - O.B.L.
7. Rayden - Eradicate
8. Destructive Tendencies - This Is Your Moment
9. Angerfist - Buckle Up & Kill
10. Mecanica - No Music
11. Miss K8 - No More Jokes
12. Tieum & Ophidian - Burn Them
13. Miss K8 - Unforgetable
14. Cyane - Fotzen

mabrookpskt -
Mabrook PSKT Hardcore Dj
09 - Angerfist - No snares no glory ???
Buckle up and kill

Will be better I think...

Nice set anyway!!!!
dark-lite -
Glad you like, yeah typo on set list, will get it edited  :)