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Coarsection @ The Best Of Enigmato

Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle

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Enigmato is one of best Polish Hardstyle Producers/DJ's. Producing hard music for almost 10 years and don't give any single fuck about all the shit on the scene. This guy is hard to the bone!
He's our friend but still we have HUGE respect for him because of whole work for polish hardstyle for all the time. If you don't know him, you better listen. In the past He was part of Blutonium when the label was really big - as Tornadozzer. Also Explozzer is his another alias(for Explosive Records).
Atm he's part of 2 of hardest labels in the world - Spoontech & Nutty Traxx.

Enjoy the tribute we made for him - he's a legend!

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01. Enigmato - Bazz Lord / Enigmato Big Bad Fucker
02. Tornadozzer - Hey Bitch / Enigmato pres. Acid Bunny - Candyman 2006(ACB Mix)
03. Enigmato - Devastator
04. Enigmato - Trip To Hardstyland
05. Enigmato pres. Acid Bunny - Candyman 2006(Enigmato Mix)
06. Enigmato - Pump This
07. Enigmato - Sting Attack
08. Enigmato - Earkiller!(Old Version)
09. Tornadozzer - Addicted To Hardstyle
10. Explozzer - Mars-Base
11. East West Rockerz - Never Stop(Enigmato remix)
12. Enigmato - Chaos Inside
13. Acid Bunny - Anger(Enigmato Remix)
14. Digital Abuse - Butcher(Enigmato Remix)

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whre's Enigmato - I Love Mu-Sick  ;)
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polish power
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No Brain Domination? aww  :( oh well.
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no enigmato - fear either  :o

still a great it that his style sounds so oldschoolish  :kiss2:
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Cool set!