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Craftcore @ UNICAST 009


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Lengte: 00:35:12

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For the next UNICAST we are happy to introduce Craftcore. While the name is new, this guy is well know as a the main man begins Union recordings. Masochist of sound and purity in all kinds of music, previously working under the alias "Bada", his new project is focused on a more aggressive sound.
Okay, enough talk. Time to shut up and enjoy the music.

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Bekijk als platte tekst


1. Fragz - A New Bread
2. Triagato - Plasma
3. Switch Technique - Changes Everything
4. Switch Technique & Brainpain - Controller
5. DJ Hidden - Don't Fear The Darkness
6. Micromakine - Eternity
7. Triagato & Micromakine - Oxygen
8. Switch Technique - Pounder
9. Deathmachine - From The DArkness
10. The Outside Agency - Headphone Wisdom
11. Switch Technique - Rude Soul
12. Deathmachine - Genetix
13. Switch Technique & The Outside Agency - The Moment
14. Micromakine - The Past Is Dead
15. Switch Technique - Eschaton
16. Craftcore - Small Things

ijskonijn -
Those 2 Deathmachine tracks are awesome!
unicast never disappoint  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb:  :worship:
AmenBreaks -
bang bang bang *pots & pans* bang bang bang *pots & pans*

so much creativity isn't it?? (sarcasm)