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Sequence & Ominous @ True dedication to Early Hardcore Part 4

Early Hardcore

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Sequence & Ominous - True Dedication To Early Hardcore Part 4

"Obscure and in some way forgotten hardcore classics. 100% mixed with vinyl."

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Darksound -
No link available  :S
Luukjahhh -
On 30-09-2012 17:00:40, Darksound wrote:

No link available  :S

Probably something wrong with Soundcloud. If not I will update the downloadlink when a new link appears.
Darksound -
Re-upload in 20 minutes, it said by them across facebook  :thumbsup:
forbidden -
I've got a mind of a lunatic
link doet het niet  :no:
forbidden -
I've got a mind of a lunatic
and Im missing part 3  :?
Ominous -
Hi guys,

The mix is back online!

Darksound -
DJTheJoker -
I dont care what People say
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
On 30-09-2012 19:07:46, forbidden wrote:

and Im missing part 3  :?

updated  :info:
ulli88 -
HC more than a Music!!!
Tracklist somebody please?!?

thx in advance  :beer:
Knomo -
Why? Because fuck you, thats why
Psychologic please come in and share your knowledge