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Nielos @ Ben Harder Show 213

Hardcore   Frenchcore

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Meer info
In this broadcast we will pay some attention to Nielos of The Ben Harder Show. Soon he will have his first release on “Phrenetikal Records”. We will be talking with him about this release. Furthermore he will be doing
a special 1 hour mix with “Phrenetikal Records” as his main point of attention.

More info about Phrenetikal Records can be found here:


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Hour 1
Control D.C. - Ritmo Dell' Diavolo (BHS Hardcore Classic)
Mindwalker - Touched
FZV - Doom Electro
Embrionyc - Protector
Amnesys - The Purest
The Viper - Get It Lit
The Relic - Mind-lock
Speakerdeamon - Mutilate
Murmure - Swallow Yourself
Enzyme X - Memento Mori
The Relic - The Machines
Nico & Tetta - Restart The Party
Panic - Doing It All

Hour 2
Evil Activities - Guess Wha
Nielos - Teq-Qui (BHS Retseketser)
Triax & Ruffneck - The Damned (Demon)
D-Passion - Pride
Art Of Fighters - God's Fury
Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Plastic Surgery
D-Passion - $ellout
Amnesys - The Purest
Speakerdeamon - Mutilate
N3AR - Dominate
Desolation - War Mode
Ruffneck & Synapse - Declaration Of Resistance
Promo & Tha Playah Feat. Snowflake - Open (Upside Down)

Hour 3
Scrubber Fox - Johnny Chop Bags (BHS Break van de Week)
Neophyte - The Remedy
Dub Elements - Black Ninja
Suvjet - Groundwalker
Angerfist - Buckle Up & Kill
Desolation - Do You Like Games
Fatal Frame - Innocent Blood
Negative A - Spiteful (Lowroller Remix)
Desolation - War Mode
The Untitled - ISS expedition 30-31
The Untitled - Washington Decontrol
Desolation - Zenith Of Things
Fatal Frame - Innocent Blood]

Hour 4 - (Phrenetikal mix by Nielos)
Noxoize - Twilight Zone
Nielos - Finish What You start
The Hard Drummer - I'm Hard
The Hard Drummer - Destructive
The hard Drummer vs Gabber 135 - Deep Pool (DJ1 Pool Festival Official Athem)
Mortal Strike - To The Limit
Bad Mind - Strictly The Hardcore
Mindestruction & The Hard Drummer - Harder Better Faster Stronger
Nielos & Mindestruction - Fatality
Mindestruction - Destroyed
Hydroxide - Cyberspace
The Hard Drummer & Mindestruction - God Sent Me To Piss The World
Carles S - Mindestruction - Fuck That Pussy
The Hard Drummer - I've Created A Monster
Xtheon - Hades Sama
Nielos - Going Away Present

HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
+For the last 1.5H  :thumbsup2:
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
Thanks HardT3K-Tic!
MindestructionOfficial -
Was great to hear it! awesome show mate  :thumbsup2:
Xtheon -
Voted!.Where Can I listen it again,partner Niels?  :yum:
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
Thanks guys!

@Xtheon You al ready listen it back? Because of you reaction on Soundcloud ?
Gewijzigd door Nielos op 15-10-2012 21:48
Xtheon -
o problem,man i listened it again on Soundcloud! Powerful,vibrant and cool mixes  _O-
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
Added a link 320 with only the last hour!