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Lacerato @ R.A.W. Caen

Hardstyle   Early Hardstyle
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01. Donkey Rollers - Strike Again
02. Scope Dj - Househeads
03. Donkey rollers - Atrocity
04. SMD - Just Like You
05. Doctor Zot - Insound
06. JDX - Nize and close
07. Dark Oscillators - Superstar Dj
08. Bass Modulator - Nrgizer
09. Zany - Volt
10. Donkey Rollers - The fusion of sound
11. A Lusion - Perfect it (Frontliner remix)
12. Pavo - Elektronik
13. Zany - Solar
14. Thera ft Yuna X - It's a fine day
15. Fat Boy Slim - Wonderful Night

BennyCash -
So good, So FrenShhh ;-)
Junkouille -
Really nice set. Well mixed and first of all, good track choice  :)
Lunatika -
Good job  :thumbsup:
michtek -
here is a Breizh DJ... let's go!!!  :thumbsup2:
very good set!
Lacerato -
Thx all!  :)
E-Razer -
Voted And Shared !! Great Work bro  :)