Shoutbox: [08:55] TimTim: Never noticed a difference in attitude between SinenV & Danny  -_-

Mercenary vs. The Menace @ Masters Of Hardcore Radio


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Angerfist & Vince - No Fuckin Soul
Endymion & Nosferatu - Pass The Bottles
Dj D - Shock The Future
Re-Style - Asskicked
The Headbanger -This is War (DJ D Remix)
Knightvision - Knight of Visions (T-Junction Remix)
Source code - I’am Not A Number (Distorted Revelation Remix)
Ophidian And Ruffneck - Noisemaker VIP (Meccanno Twins Remix)
Negative A - White Fluids Of DNA
DJ Obscurity - DNA Killer
Hellsystem - Undercover
Despairfull Tomorow - And Hell Folowed (Crucifier Remix)
Dj Mad Dog - Disorder
Angerfist - Anticipate