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DJ TSX @ PsykoCore Podcast #6.1


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Here is the first part of PsykoCore Podcast #6 by Dj TSX

More info about the artist here:

Interviews are coming...

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1 Mystification Computers - Dj Producer
2 Eraser - Angerfist
3 Choircutz (dolphins redux) - Dolphin and the Teknoist
4 Industrial Base (Ophidian remix) - Angel
5 Path of recovery - Counterfeit
6 Be yourself - Outblast and Drokz
7 Perception of fear - Catscan and Counterfeit
8 Unsettled Androids - The 7th genocide
9 My critic fetish (Akira remix) - Angerfist
10 Out your mind - Counterfeit and Negative A
11 Hardcore to the penis - DOC
12 Devastator dominator - Doplhin
13 Esprit rebel - San Vince
14 Madball (Producer's remix) - Detest
15 Crack in brain - DOM
16 Hardcore heavyheight - SRB
17 Now you use - SRB
18 Last track of the night - D-Passion
19 Cuntface in Italy - The Destroyer
20 Bodybag - SRB
21 Zuckerzzz (Vizitor's remix) - Darkcontroller
22 One chance (The Destroyer Mix) - X-Mind and Zeta Reculli

mabrookpskt -
Mabrook PSKT Hardcore Dj
Here is the first part of PsykoCore Podcast #6 by Dj TSX

More info about the artist here:

Here the interview in English:

# When and how did you get to play hardcore music?

I started to discover electronic music in 1994, after I did my first rave in 96 and my first free party in 97, this free party was a Voodooz/Fraktal/THC, and this day was a revelation for me, first for the music and artistic side. It was a hardcore party, the famous french south hardcore! It was like an audio slapping, an revemation to listen to this new style of music that I didn't know (I knew just some Thunderdome's tape before this rave). Musical revelation as well because I saw the artist close to me and I had the envy to do the same. After this but always in 1997, there was a party with Manu le Malin in Limoges, and it was really the choc I needed to say myself: "Yes this is what I want to do! " I bought my first decks in 1997 and started the composition in 1999.

# What were your influences? (Artists, tracks ...)

At the beggining, my influences was full of styles, after for the electronik music, I will say:
Artists: Matt Fraktal, Mouse, Radium, Producer, Tieum, Manu le Malin, Laurent Hô, Lenny Dee, DOA, Nasenbluten, Drokz, Delta9 and many more.
Labels: Industrial strenght, Strike, Violent, Bloody Fist, Deathchant, Reberscum, and many more too.
DOA - DJ Ass Fucker
DOA - Wanna be a gangsta
The Dj Producer - The True Creator
Nasenbluten (All tracks !)

# What are your plans in the hardcore music for the time to come?

The most important will be to continue to give happyness to the people who like my music ! And for myself, H4L that's the only way!!
And in production, collabs with other artists, mixs set, digital outcomming and/or vinyls and maybe some surprises.

# A little word for frenchies?

Open your minds on all the hardcore' styles, Music is creating to make you dance and not to make critics about one or other style.
Hardcore is a big family with lot of kind of sounds depending of the style of hardcore, don't focalise on one or two styles, but open yourself, there is bullshit and good stuff in every style even in the style we love !