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Rocketmartin @ Crackbeats 1


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This is where it all began. The first Crackbeats party held at the 013 venue on the 8th of May 2004. This is the only set that was recorded at the first event. Rocket Martin recorded it himself on mini disc, and soon after it was printed as a CD-R and spread through Tilburg to promote future events, as well as Radio Raket, a pirate radio station that broadcasted obscure sounds on the FM.
Remember that way back then Breakcore wasn't a genre that had its own crate in a record store. Rocketmartin didn't even have that many Breakcore records back then. But this was one of the things that made Crackbeats. Everything happened in the mix. Whatever it was, we made it Breakcore! We probably didn't even know what we were doing, or where we were exactly going to take this. But these recordings proved to be a blue print of the hard uncompromising style that would define Crackbeats as an event, and later on as a record label.

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