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Discontinued Process (ANC) @ Iron Tides Berlin

Industrial Hardcore

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Recorded live on the night of 21 April 2007 in Berlin.

Playing their sets that night were, in a local comeback, Gabba Front Berlin, Discontinued Process, Kowareta Hyoushi, AntiZycle among others. Thriving speedcore producer Jealousy played his first ever liveset, pummeling the venue's residents on an early sunday morning. Ace!
Rumours persist, that the rats living in the venue's basement grow as large as cats. But who would believe such outrageous nonsense?

So who is Discontinued Process? None other than ANC, with his industrial-hc/EBM material. Just as good as his speedcore stuff, if not better.

Sm0keythebandit -
It's backwards!
Any chance at all the Gabba Front Berlin set was recorded aswell ^?