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The Dark Project @ Ruhr G Beat


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Amazing Party...
Fucking Great Soundsystem....
Crazy Night....
Have Fun with our 2 Hours Set  ;)

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01.Wars Industry – Deceptor
02.A-Kriv – Concentrate
03.The Punisher – School Head
04.The Punisher – Cocaine Hustler
05.Vextor – You Know
06.Partyraiser & Paul Elstak – Back from the Dead
07.Tieum & Partyraiser – Empire Strikes Back
08.Hellsystem – Make it Quick (Tieum Remix)
09.E-S-T – Darkfallus
10.Bartoch – You and Me
11.Bartoch – Fat Burner
12.Bartoch – Dictator rules
13.The Punisher & Bartoch – Dedicate to
14.Bartoch – Znarko Land
15.Bartoch – I’m the danger
16.X-Mind – One chancce (Bartoch Remix)
17.UVC – Death is… (Tieum Remix)
18.The Punisher – Fuck up The Party
19.Cyane - Ass Social Bitches
20.The Punisher – Do it
21.The Punisher ft daMM – Fucking Territory
22.Angerfist – Just know (ft. Tieum)
23.Bartoch & Cyane - El Chupacabra
24.Andy The Core - Painstream 2012
25.Bartoch – Kick your Fucking ass
26.Bartoch – Little Dog Bitch
27.Dark Experiment – Eat your Mind (Blasphem Remix)
28.Bartoch & The Punisher – Push it Balls
29.Wars Industry – Venga
30.Wars Industry – Prada
31.Brain Neurotik – Chaos Attack (Wars Industry Refix)
32.Angerfist - Right Through your Head (Tieum Remix)
33.Mung-Air And Dark Headz Feat. Da Mouth Of Madness - The Revolution Of Madness
34.Chrono – Ghetto shit
35.Andy The Core - Rhymes
36.Shadowcore - The Gatekeepers (Andy The Core Remix)

D4RkN3sS -
Hardcore what else!!
Nice Tracklist  :thumbsup:
DenDB -
And with that everything is said.....
macKe -
thanks a lot  :)
wasbeer24 -
link is dead  :-/
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
I've added a RS link. There is a new design and I can't find an URL to copy  >.< I hope it works.
JeffreyFCT [Set Editor] -
Added Soundcloud link.